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Bee transmits insulin injection data and glucose levels via Bluetooth to your smartphone and tablet.
Diabetes 1

Preventative Care

Through better data

347 million people worldwide have diabetes. Managing your insulin injections and blood sugar levels is painstaking work, and often patients lose track. Bee helps patients by creating a log book of insulin injection and blood sugar level data which they may share with their loved ones and healthcare providers.


How It Works 1


Managing injections and glucose levels just got easier

After every insulin injection,  simply twist the Bee to log the amount of insulin units injected and your blood sugar level. Then, press the cap and the data is beamed to a logbook your mobile device. If that device isn’t around at the moment, Bee saves the data for later transmission. The logbook is a convenient way to know exactly when and how much insulin you injected. If you choose, you can also share the logbook with your loved ones or healthcare provider.


Specs 1

Bee 1.0

Weight: 20g

Dimension: 110mm(L) x 24.5mm(D)

App Compatibility: IOS 7.0 or above; Android 4.3 or above

Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0

Certs: CE/FCC/RoHS